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Is Smartwater Smart? No

Smart water is not smart

Smartwater, and all plastic one-time use bottled water for that case, isn’t smart. Not only is it thousands of times more expensive than tap water, but it hurts the environment too. Think about Fiji Water, “Earth’s finest water.” Yes, it’s made in Fiji, but does that really matter. It’s still water. Tap water in most parts of the United States is healthy, so why would somebody pay so much more for some extra convenience?

Plastic bottles are one-time use, so they get thrown out immediately. This builds up to a lot of trash. As you read this, hundreds of thousands of bottles are being thrown out. They end up in landfills, or worse, in ecosystems and oceans. There are entire companies, such as 4ocean, dedicated to removing plastic from the water. On the other hand, reusable bottles can be used thousands of times before being disposed of. This reduces the amount of pollution drastically. Smartwater isn’t smart because it’s not reusable and can create a dent in your wallet over the long term. Why is it called Smartwater anyway? Let me check. Yeah, it’s probably just branding. Merriam Webster’s definitions of “smart” don’t seem to describe Smartwater, though “appealing to sophisticated tastes : characteristic of or patronized by fashionable society” might be pretty close.

If you currently drink from plastic bottles, (No Smartwater!) reusable bottles are a good investment for your bank account and the planet. With more and more water fountains with refilling stations popping up, it is easier to bring a reusable water bottle to your school or on your commute than ever.

Reusable bottles are eco-friendly

Poor Smartwater has been the punching bag of this post, but for good reason. Don’t feel bad; don’t buy it (or any plastic bottles for that matter). Once again, I will make it clear: Is Smartwater smart? No, Smartwater is not smart.

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